Curiosity: An Historical View

Introduction Human beings have most possibly been curious since the first homo sapiens tried knocking two pieces of stone to make fire or sounds. The instinct to know more about human environment needs to go back as far as humanity does because there is an evolutionary advantage to knowing more about what surrounds us. Ancient … Lanjutkan membaca Curiosity: An Historical View


Moby Dick

“Moby Dick” is fairly one of the most famous, and to me, one of the most exciting novels. It is an exciting novel because it contains a huge vocabulary making me regularly check the dictionary. It has a kind of obsession with 19th century whaling life, technology, and jargon. And it also contains a variety … Lanjutkan membaca Moby Dick

Work: A Sociological View

Introduction Work makes up the largest part of human lives. It takes up more time than any other single type of human behaviour. In traditional societies, food gathering and food production are the form of work occupied by the majority of the people. Carpentry, stonemasonry, and shipbuilding are also regarded as prominent larger traditional societies. … Lanjutkan membaca Work: A Sociological View